“For us Brothers of Merciful Jesus, trust, humility and mercy lived in total abandonment to the will of God constitute the inseparable aspects of the one charism that the Holy Spirit wanted to give us to know, live and proclaim the greatest attribute of God His mercy “(Holy Constitutions 1.15). Divine mercy must therefore be known and then exercised.

To know the divine mercy

Every Brother of Merciful Jesus, when he experiences mercy, grows in awareness of the greatness of God’s goodness and of the smallness of his own existence. The knowledge of Mercy before being a purely intellectual action is an experiential-existential type of knowledge. The fundamental virtues for experiencing mercy are humility and trust, in fact, the awareness of one’s own misery and those of others, together with trust in God’s love allows the Brother to experience ever more the infinite mercy of God. fraternal life has a privileged place in the community. To grow in fraternal love, humbly enduring one’s own and others’ misery for the love of God and his Church. Thus every day the Lord offers the community infinite possibilities to grow in the knowledge of His love. The Brothers strongly feel the desire to experience this love in order to live as reconciled and to reconcile others.

Exercise the Divine Mercy

Those who experience this love of God feel the strong need to communicate this treasure to others. Thus the Brother of Merciful Jesus knocks at the heart of others insistently because they discover this treasure. “There are three areas in which we concentrate the exercise of mercy: pray, proclaim and practice mercy for all men in need of God’s love” (Sante Constitutions 1.9) the three areas of mercy concern therefore prayer, language and the works (Diary, 163).

1-The commitment to exercise mercy always begins with prayer. In fact, the Brother of Merciful Jesus must pray always and everywhere for everyone to know and experience Divine Mercy.

2-Beyond this the mission of the brothers embraces the preaching of Divine Mercy, offering moments of spiritual direction catechesis and other different services such as retreats, workshops, conferences that can all become valid moments for Him to be known.

3- The practice of mercy is valid in all areas and embraces all the works of mercy. There is a vast reality where one can engage in the pastoral field. Where there is misery there will be a Brother of Merciful Jesus but particularly where there are moral miseries and souls desperate so that with the grace of the Lord they grow in infinite trust in God. In the practice of very important mercy is the sacramental field, specifically that of the sacrament of reconciliation and of the anointing of the sick. Another particular commitment, in the project of the Brothers, is to pray and take care of children, especially those in human-moral and spiritual danger.