who are we

We are a Public Association of the faithful, of the Catholic Church, meant to become the Institute of Consecrated Life, approved in 2010 in a definitive way, “striving to correspond, in total and trusting abandonment to the Father’s Will, to the evangelical commandment of Mercy:” Be merciful, like the Father yours is merciful “(Lk 6:36)” (Holy Constitutions 1.1).

Specifically, our community is a response to the request that the Lord Jesus made to Saint Faustina of the foundation of a new congregation and which was founded in 1942 under the guidance of Blessed Father Michele Sopoćko (Sisters of Merciful Jesus) and of whom is the branch male. Alongside the classic three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience we also issue the fourth vow of total abandonment to the Will of God.

“I see clearly that not only there will be a female and male congregation, but I also see a great association of lay people, to which all may belong to praise Divine Mercy through the works of mercy for the sake of the next” (Fragment of a letter from Saint Faustina to Blessed Father Michael Sopoćko, April 1936).

Our Charism. Our Story. How we live.

Jesus, I trust in You.

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