Oblaci Bożego miłosierdzia

The Oblates are not a simple group of faithful but rather a movement inspired by the spirituality and devotion of Divine Mercy. Its center is the Eucharistic Sacrifice, in which Jesus continues to offer himself for each of us. The Oblates aim to unite all their prayers, works, difficulties and sufferings to the one and only Sacrifice of Jesus. Doing this helps them to abandon themselves completely, with trust and joy to the will of God in all aspects of their lives.

Oblate commitments

There are no mandatory commitments: Membership is free and open to anyone who is morally committed to offering prayers, sacrifices and social support, where and when possible.

The seven pearls of the oblates

  1. Display of the image of the Merciful Jesus in his / her own environments (example: home, work environment or car etc …) to take advantage of the great promise of salvation made by Jesus.
  2. Daily recitation of the chaplet of Divine Mercy dictated by Our Lord, from which springs gifts of infinite graces; if recited for a dying person the Lord promised his eternal salvation.
  3. The prayer of the hour of Mercy at three in the afternoon – ninth hour: Jesus dies on the cross – reciting at least three times: „Oh, Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, I trust in You!”.
  4. The novena of Divine Mercy requested by Jesus, which contains the prayer intentions dictated by Our Lord; it can be done at any time of the year. Jesus asks that it be made especially to him in the nine days preceding the Feast of Divine Mercy, starting it on Good Friday.
  5. Participation in the mass of the Feast of Divine Mercy, the first Sunday after Easter, with the confession and communion requested by Our Lord to obtain the great privilege of the remission of all guilt and punishment.
  6. Commitment to spread the cult of Divine Mercy, according to one’s possibilities, not only by example but also – if possible – with the apostolate, the informative distribution of books, images, paintings, by forming groups.
  7. Participation in at least one monthly mass in specific support of the work of the priests of the Brothers of Merciful Jesus community.

Commitment of the brothers of Merciful Jesus with the Oblates of Divine Mercy

The Oblates will be included in the spiritual treasure of all the prayers of the Community of the Brothers of Merciful Jesus: Office, morning praises, Media Hour and Vespers and Compline as well as the daily Eucharistic Adoration, the Holy Rosary and, especially every Wednesday the celebration of a Mass for the intention of the Oblates. All the names of those who want to be part of the Oblates of Divine Mercy will be registered in the official register at the mother house of the Community Brothers of Merciful Jesus.

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